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Diving Tioman Island | Peninsula Malaysia
fans and fish

For a long time, Tioman has been regarded as a learn to dive destination for Asian residents. As lovely as any in Southeast Asian isalnd, Tioman’s high central ridge of jungle clad mountains drops sharply on the western side to a series of small villages in sheltered coves. These shallow bays make it ideal for novices to take a course or brush up on skills learnt elsewhere.

While the bays are calm and easy, there are some exciting and challenging dive sites a little way offshore. The underwater landscape consists of enormous granite rocks, reminiscent of parts of the Similan Islands with swim-throughs coated in soft corals and a wealth of marine creatures.

Schooling fish are prolific and if you can get even further offshore, the dives can be as spectacular as many more famous areas. The focus is always on smaller creatures as seeing those isn’t dependent on clear water yet whalesharks cruise the coast and turtles are frequent visitors.

Tioman island dive photo gallery Scuba diving features

Marine Life amazing soft corals
schooling barracuda
bumphead parrotfish
Top dive site Bahara Rocks
Seasons April to October
Visibility 5 – 25 metres
Water temperature 25 – 29º C
Deco chambers Singapore

plenty on Tioman

Flights to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur
Transfers up to 8 hours by road and speed boat OR get a liveaboard departing from Singapore

The diving around Tioman is surprisingly good but there are two problems for divers coming from abroad: one is that it simply takes too long to get there as there are no airport (well, a tiny one but you can only use it if you stay at a specific resort) and land transfers can be time consuming. The other is the seasons – November to February is the northeast monsoon so the water is rough, visibility is minimal and diving stops.


When conditions here are right (April to October) there are gentle currents, shallow reefs and warm waters with some truly delightful diving. If you are on the liveaboard from Singapore, you should also get to dive Jack Rock (yes, that Jacques) which is a truly spectacular pinnacle site.


After a disastrous trip to Tioman many years ago, when the shore based diving was continually called off by what proved to be an unreliable operator, we returned on MV Black Manta from Singapore and had a really great time. Although the trip was short (too short by our reckoning) at just 3 days, we found the area well worth returning to.
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