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SeaFocus is Shaun and Beth Tierney

Way back in the 80s we did a round-the-world trek spending long spells in the tropics, floating over vivid coral reefs and wishing we were down below with the divers. At the time our budget didn't extend to learning to dive but within months of returning to London we signed up for a BSAC course, did our first open water dives in the Maldives and our qualification dives in Cyprus.

A few years went by and we became increasingly involved in the diving world as a photo-journalist team with editorial work covering both land and dive travel, marine biology and conservation. A few years later, we took a 'career break' and aimed to dive our way around the world. We didn't manage to see as much as we wanted but it was a great year and led to being published in international dive magazines, newspapers, travel guides and on the Internet.

Since then, we have become PADI Master Scuba Divers and our work has become increasingly focussed on dive travel books. We have been lucky enough to return to many of the places we first visited in the 80s and are slowly managing to reach other diving destinations we missed in the past.

Shaun's first career was as a studio photographer but his first love is now shooting underwater. Beth worked in advertising and marketing, most recently as a consultant in the travel industry. 

In 2014, we launched See through Sand: fused glass art by Beth Tierney

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The images of us were taken by Suzanne Turek (above) and Yves Herraud (middle left) and
Estelle Zauner-Maughan (bottom).

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