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Diving Tufi | Papua New Guinea
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Cyclone Reef

Tufi sits at the edge of some of Papua New Guinea's most dramatic coastal lansdscapes, where cliff-like hills drop sharply to narrow bays, the vista like a Scandanavian fjord. At the top of one of these fjords is Tufi.

The pier at Tufi Dive Resort is a classic muck site – there are old crates with coke bottles, rubber tyres, boxes and all sorts of decades-old rubbish vying for space with tiny sponges and small corals. Divemasters lead the new diver tours and within moments will point out critters like mandarinfish, ornate ghost pipefish and toad fish. Even pairs of harlequin shrimp are often spotted consuming starfish legs for dinner.

During World War II, Tufi acted as a base for American patrols and at the bottom of the bay are the remains of a torpedo tube, with the torpedo still in it, a 50mm gun and an intact Land Rover.

There's plenty of pretty reef diving too. Just an hour's sail away are a group of oval sea mounds that drop off to over fifty metres. These are a haven for an incredibly diverse array of marine species including barracuda, Spanish mackerel, schooling jacks, damsels, angels and fairy basslets. Cruising the walls, there are grey reef sharks and off in the blue, glimpses of mantas, tuna, spanish mackerel and small turtles.

Tufi image gallery Scuba diving features
Marine Life harlequin shrimp
orang-utan crabs
Top dive site Tufi Bay
Seasons All year round
Visibility 10 – 50+ metres
Water temperature 25 – 30º C
Deco chambers Port Moresby
Flights via Australia or from Singapore.
Dive operators and accommodation Tufi Dive Resort

Flying to PNG is expensive. There is little mass tourism so only a few flights in and out of the country and that keeps the prices high. However, this is also the countries greatest advantage – there will never be hoards of other dive boats moored up over your site.

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Papua New Guinea scuba diving is spectacular. Lying across the bottom edge of the Coral Triangle, there are 40,000 square kilometres of coral reefs and species diversity is extremely high. Conditions vary by region but tend to be easy. Visibility on the outer reefs is fabulous but can be quite low inside small bays – although that doesn't spoil the muck diving in any way.
There's something very special about muck diving... a term that applies to dives often characterised by a less than pretty site. For those of us who adore dives where you can spend ages hunting for rare and unusual critters, Tufi Bay is definitely one of the best.
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