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The Philippine islands createthe top corner of the world's richest marine environment, the Coral Triangle.

The tiny Philippines nation is made up of 7107 tropical islands – at last count – and is the second largest archipelago in the world. Many of these islands are ringed by fantastic, healthy coral reefs with high levels of bio-diversity, which means diving opportunities are highly varied.

There is is fantastic scuba diving right across the country with masses of marine parks, both small and large, a World Heritage site at Tubbatha and of course, Southeast Asia's second best wreck diving destination in Coron Bay.

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Scuba diving reviews and image galleries by region
Apo Reef
Puerto Galera Tubbataha Cabilao
Photo galleries The Visayas, 2017
Underwater videos Diving the Visayas
Resort and liveaboard reports
Philippine Siren Plantation Bay, Mactan
Alegre Resort, Cebu
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