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Diving the World guide book

Diving the World | a guide to the world's coral seas

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Diving the World guide book

Diving the World has been written by divers for divers. This guide book takes you to the places you want to go, the hit-list of divers dream destinations that are good quality, affordable and easy to reach... Diving the World covers:

Australia | Belize | Egypt | Galápagos | Fiji | Honduras | Indonesia | Kenya | Malaysia | Maldives
Mexico | Micronesia | Philippines | Papua New Guinea | Palau | Solomons | Tanzania | Thailand

Diving the World has been translated into Polish and was published by National Geographic.

Diving the world features and reviews

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ESSENTIALS | planning a dive trip; budgets and costs; guide to airlines, baggage and packing; scuba diving equipment.

TALES FROM THE DEEP | stories from both dive professionals and ordinary divers relating their underwater experiences and favourite dive sites.

DRYING OUT | things to do on the days when you have to stop diving, or if you are with a non-diving partner. Places to stay, trustworthy diving operators and liveaboard boats.

RESOURCES | marine biology and conservation; diver training;
health and first aid for divers; underwater photography.

The Tierneys include colorful, personal anecdotes about each destination, so reading their book feels more like peeking into their private memoirs than paging through a published travel guide.
Willie Volk, Divester

This guide is as vital as a mask
and fins.
David Espinosa, Features Editor, Asian Diver

Diving the World is available to purchase direct in the UK

DIVING THE WORLD, first edition, Softcover, 354 pages
ISBN: 1 904777 59 7 RRP: GBP £19.99/US $29.95

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