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The recently released Ikelite Gamma diving light is a thing of beauty – but with a practical side. Built to be multi-purpose, the Gamma can be a torch, a compact video light or even a light for taking photos...

Underwater photography product review | IKELITE GAMMA DIVING LIGHT

For those of us who love well-designed things, this torch is a delight. Made of aircraft grade aluminium, the style is smooth and sleek and it fits comfortably in your hand. There are no protruding bits to catch on your dive kit and no complicated switches to get damaged by salt.

Using it is straightforward. On the base is a solid button – push part way and hold and it lights up until you release the button, or click all the way in and the torch stays on. There is a small hole for attaching the supplied lanyard.

The battery compartment is in the base and is sealed by a double o-ring for security against leaks. At the front, the lens is recessed a few millimetres to make space for a thread which allows a diffuser to be screwed on. Sadly, these were not in the UK when I tested on dives, but Cameras Underwater advise that with one attached, the light spread increases substantially.


TORCH: the tubular shape made the Gamma a perfect torch for slipping into my BC pocket and using as an occasional spotting beam around wrecks and caverns. The amount of light produced was just right for that and at night, it was nowhere near strong enough to scare off any wary creatures. As an aside, at night on land, the beam reaches at least 350 metres and lights the way along the lane that leads to a local farm!

FOCUS LIGHT: used in conjunction with an arm and hot shoe holder, the beam gave good light that allowed for quick focussing.

STROBE: as a strobe substitute, the light produced good colours on small creatures and on larger items like the soft coral the results were excellent.

VIDEO LIGHT: as above, the colours produced when recording a movie with this light were good and at a distance, the hot-spot isn't always obvious.

UPDATE: The diffuser has now arrived and is very successful. It softens and spreads the light from 10º to 30º. See bottom right.



Burn time:
Dimensions: Weight:

120 metres maximum
220 lumen, high-intensity LED Aluminium
black, red, silver
10 hours
2 x CR123 included
142 mm x 36 mm
113 grams

Above: the Gamma torch used to highlight a 30 cm fish and a soft coral that was nearly a metre wide, both from about one metre away.

The Gamma
without the diffuser
The Gamma with the diffuser;


Personally, I loved it! The Ikelite Gamma is small, lightweight and hides neatly in my BC pocket until needed. The beam is a good enough for a dark cave or tunnel yet isn't so strong that it scared off skittish critters on night dives. It is definitely going to be a permanent fixture in my dive kit!

All images and video taken with a Canon S110 at 16-20 metres.

The Ikelite Gamma is available in the UK from Cameras Underwater

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