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Underwater compact camera review
Canon Ixus 100is | Canon WP-DC31 housing

Land images taken with the Canon Ixus 100is

I tested the Canon Ixus 130 some time ago and was impressed enough to want to keep using it. However, I struggled with the size and bulk of the Ikelite housing – Canon had not made a dedicated housing that allowed full functionality so the Ikelite was the only option.

Next, I tested an older Ixus 120 with adedicated Canon housing and was much happier with that as it was more compact. And finally, I was the lucky recipient of an Ixus 100 with it's dedicated WP-DC31 housing, which this review covers.

This set up is almost a carbon copy of the newer Ixus 120 but it was the Ixus 100 that built the reputation for shooting underwater videos in this range of compact cameras. Due to their size and image quality – plus the ability to manually adjust white balance settings while videoing underwater – the Ixus range was pretty much unique.

Just like the Ixus 120 and 130, the function buttons on the back of this camera are tiny and completely flat to the surface. Underwater (meaning inside the housing) this is not an issue, but I will always find such streamlined cameras a bit hard for old eyes and big fingers.

Other technical details follow the same theme as the Ixus 130, so please read that review. Perhaps the quality on the 100 is slightly lower than the newer models but only perhaps and mostly, for fun photos and nice videos, it is really very good. The lens is only a 5.9-17.9 mm so not quite as wide ranging as the newer versions but you can add the Inon wide angle and macro lenses.

The dedicated underwater housing for this camera is just how I like them, meaning small enough to slip into my BC pocket. It will take a flash and other extras but that isn't what I am looking for.

Test video | Diving in Oman

LOCATION: Daymaniat Islands, Oman

DEPTHS: 6 - 20 metres

click > to play

On the right is the final edited piece from our experience with the Ixus 100 in Oman.

Visibility was poor and the water was green for most of the trip but the camera still balanced the colours fairly well and where it didn't, minor corrections in iMove were easy to make.

Note that QuickTime lightens a movie when it optimizes for internet.

Read the
Canon Ixus 130is review here for
a comparison.

I must admit that I am as impressed with the Canon Ixus 100 as I was with the 120 and 130. Operational details are much the same and using it is straightforward once you get used to the sequence of pressing buttons.

Generally for someone who wants to take simple videos and occasional pictures underwater, this camera is amazing and if you add a few accessories, you should be even more impressed with the results. The only down side is that Canon no longer make this model, but it is still easy to get.

For more details, contact Cameras Underwater, details as below.

The Canon Ixus 100 and dedicated WP-DC31 housing.
This camera is also known as the Powershot SD780is.

For more details and options within the
Canon Ixus range, contact Cameras Underwater.

Cameras Underwater

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