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See Through Sand fused glass art and hand made gifts are individually made – every one is unique.

You can see more at seethroughsand.uk, Facebook @seethroughsand or drop me a note

ART PANELS | Wall mounted or on hand made, wooden stands…

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Art panel - 01

Reef and Rainforest

36cmx36cmx 4cm

Hanging 3-D panel 

Made from three separated
coral-style discs….     £220 * 

 *includes additional postage
and insurance

See Through Sand - Art Panel Red and silver gilt triptych, wall mounted
See Through Sand - Art Panel with hand crafted wood base
See Through Sand - Art Panel with hand crafted wood base
See Through Sand - Art Panel with silver gilt reaction and hand crafted wood base

Art panel - 02

Sun Going Down        ….£50

20cm x 14cm

Art panel - 03        

Splash!         ….. £120

20cm x 17cm

Textured standing panel with handmade beech base

Art panel - 04     

Sunset Coast        ….. £75
12 cm wide x 23 high

Standing panel with oak base  

ART panels have a 3-D feel with raised surfaces that reflect the subject matter. They are thicker than standard fused glass pieces.  

DELIVERY on these items may be increased to include insurance. 

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Beth Tierney – See through sand | fused glass art

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