October 2019
The return to the Islas Revillagigedo
Last May we travelled back to Socorro in Mexico. The attraction was to see Giant Oceanic Mantas again plus the promise of diving with seven different species of shark...

This was our second trip to these islands after a ten year break. Diving is seasonal with around six months when the waters are calmer and clearer. Our first trip had been in January, when the water was at it's warmest and the Giant Mantas came to play on almost every dive. This latest trip was in May, the water was significantly cooler and the visibility lower. However, it is this change that attracts masses of sharks, as well as resident bottlenose dolphins and large schools of pelagic fish.

2019 image gallery | Socorro destination report

LIVEABOARDS: There are many more boats plying these water now, but we chose to travel with Nautilus Liveaboards again with their great crew, knowledgable dive team and fantastic Mexican food.
Maloula the Mermaid: this delightful new book is all about an unusual eco-warrior who sees the problems with our oceans from within. Written by Mallory Smith, a Tyneside native, who was inspired and concerned about the state of her local beach. It's early to think about Christmas, but if your kids love the sea, they will enjoy this.
SeaFocus and See through sand website: it's some time since we have been in touch as we are currently rebuilding and updating the SeaFocus website. Please bear with us!

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